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Calcite | Level 5



Please help in answering following questions:


  1. Is it possible to create jobs (Stored procedures) in SAS VIYA and trigger these jobs from SAS Visual Analytics 8.3? These jobs include various SAS procedures & data step functionality.
  2. Can we create a stored procedure or macro button in SAS VA  which can trigger execution of a SAS code written in SAS Develop SAS Code Module in SAS Viya and also can we trigger execution of models in SAS VF from SAS VA ?
  3. Do we have an excel plugin/add-in for SAS VA 8.3? (Using Excel plugin we can open and edit the SAS dataset)

Please note we are working on SAS VA 8.3 version. Urgent help will be appreciated.


Thanks in advance !


Lapis Lazuli | Level 10
About question 1&2,
There's no stored process servers in SAS Viya,

But, In Viya you have Job exection which is bit identical to stored process.

You do not get the prompts, but you can create your own form which can pass parameters to the job.

Some referral link for you:

About question 3,
Yes you have SAS add-in for MS Office,
Here's a link for more information:
Calcite | Level 5

hi Kalind Patel,


Thanks for your prompt reply.


Can you please suggest how can we create jobs and execute them in SAS VIYA. Do we need additional functionality for this?


As I see we should have web form functionality for jobs creation and which involves HTML + SAS coding. M I right in my understanding?




Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

For developing Jobs and some sample codes, these links might help you:


Creating a Jobs:




For Executing the SAS Jobs same like SAS Stored Process in SAS VA 8.3, you can use Web Content Object in Reports and specify SASJobExecution URL with parameters.


About your second question, yes you can use SAS Codes and HTML coding to generate an output in HTML.



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