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Is there a way in SAS Visual Analytics in a Geo Map to not only show bibble as variety of width+color for my metrics, but also to create a timelapse of these?

For example I'm having parameter X as width and Y as color, now I want to select an hour of a selected day as the beggining of my filder/range and the end hour&day, so that in the given range of dates the bubbles will display different widths/colors as in a timelapse?


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One of the supported roles is 'animation'. When a date field is assigned to this role - the geo map will animate data over time and as such show the data as timelapse. More information about supported roles is in the VA user guide:


Hope this helps.


Cheers, Falko

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yeah I can see it now, unfortunately it's working only in Designer and not in Explorer mode, that's why I was confised 😉


What do I do, if my date&time field have duplicated values? when I'm putting the value in ANIMATION (Roles) the graph disappears and I see a warning "The data for this graps is not valid for animation. The data cannot contain any duplicated category and date combinations."

How do I solve it ?


Are you sure that you have duplicated values? I ask because this SAS note explains another reason why you would see that message. It appears if you exceed the cardinality limits for the geo map. You can filter to reduce the number of values.


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the article mentions 5000 rows limit, yet my variables which I'm tyring to use have respectively 1300 for datetime and 91 for dates. Neither works tho
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I believe this message is shown if you have more than one date for one ore more geo categories. Are you able to either aggregate (change the format on the date field) or filter out the relevant entries? Maybe you can use a crosstab using both the date and geo category and check for entries with frequency > 1. Hope this helps. Falko



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