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Calcite | Level 5

Sample.jpgI am new developer in SAS VA. and I need to build a Chart to show Monthly total liabilities raised as well accumulative total liabilities raised in one chart. However, seems SAS VA only can cumulative from Jan to Dec, does not have option for the financial year.


As photo below, line chart is perfectly accumulated until Dec, then all of sudden drop in January, b'cos it is considering a new year. How can I fix that. many thanx.

Pyrite | Level 9

This is a pretty big hole in the VA functionality, in my experience the majority of institutions use a non calendar year i.e. Academic or financial.


After struggling with this for a while I discovered there is a work around though its a bit of a fiddle.


You basically need to use the parallel period function to calculate the totals for all the previous periods (in my case I go back 2 years so have an aggregated measure for each of them)


I have aggreagated measures called:


current year

previous year

previous year2


You can then add them together, although be careful because VA doesnt seem to like them if they are blank so I used the following to create a final aggregated measure called total


IF ( 'Previous_Year2'n Missing )
  IF ( 'Previous_Year'n Missing )
  RETURN 'Current year'n
  ELSE ( 'Previous_Year'n + 'Current year'n ) )
ELSE ( 'Previous_Year2'n + 'Previous_Year'n + 'Current year'n )

To prove it works, my outputs look like (notice the line carries over though Jan)Capturetemp2.GIF





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