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Fluorite | Level 6

I am looking for a way if it is possible using SAS Visual Analytics GeoMap to list a bunch of customers using their zip codes.  Then place a non-related zip code on the map and get the distances between the customers and the non-related zip code.


Thank you

SAS Employee



I'm not sure what version of SAS Visual Analytics you are using - but with release 8.1 or later you have access to things like location search, radius as well as drive-distance/drive-time (requires an Esri ArcGIS online account) selections.


The below example screen, shows known ZIP codes around L.A. county and a drive-distance analysis has been run - showing the customers within the 5, 10 and 15 miles radius (the gray shaded polygons). The point of measurement is the L.A. Int'l Airport (marker #9). You can perform address searches (e.g. for a specific customer) by using the top left search field. I just searched for 'Airport' to make this example. Typically you would have other visualizations which show details about the customers (e.g. a table with address or sales figures) linked to this geo map. 


Drive-distance analysis with SAS Visual AnalyticsDrive-distance analysis with SAS Visual Analytics


This may not exactly be what you are after but maybe gives you a few ideas to get started.


Hope this helps. Falko

Fluorite | Level 6

Thank you for your reply.  This looks like something that I would be able to use.  Unfortunately I am using version 7.3.  Do you know if there is any way to do that on version 7.3?


Thank you

SAS Employee

The enhanced location analytic options were introduced in version 8.x. Unfortunately I'm not aware of a similar capability in version 7.x or earlier.


If you have the coordinates for both the customers and zip codes - you could try using functions such as PROC GEODIST (doc is here: ) which can calculate the distance between two geographical points. Dependent on your data structure you may be able to calculate distances between customers and related ZIP codes. This could be packaged as a SAS Stored Process for example showing the closest customers given a passed in ZIP code (A quick guide to get started is here: ). Alternatively - if you do an Internet search for a formula to calculate distances between two latitude/longitude points - you may also find more generic versions (some are more complicated than others) which you can use directly in VA as calculated data item.


Hope this helps. Cheers, Falko



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