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Obsidian | Level 7



I have a List Table Object where I want to perform certain calculations in certain columns based on a Date Filter object I present to the customer. But I also want to present in that same List Table Object certain calculations that ignore the selections made by the user and always perform a static calculation. Let me explain.


Say I have this table

Employee Name    Dept     Hours Worked    Hours Worked(Year to Date)

Bob                        001          120.50                      ??

Nancy                    007           100.60                      ??

Pete                       105           200.00                      ??

Juan                        75            210.85                     ??



I am able to calculate the hours worked based on a user-selected date filter with no problem. What i want to do is right next to Hours Worked, where the ?? symbols are:  I want to display the total hours worked since the beginning of the current fiscal year, no matter what date range the customer selects. 


Is this possible in VA using one data source and one list table object? 


Has anyone done anything like this in VA?


Accepted Solutions
Opal | Level 21

You could pre-calculate the required column outside of VA and then import it along with the rest of the table.

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Opal | Level 21

You could pre-calculate the required column outside of VA and then import it along with the rest of the table.

Obsidian | Level 7

Thanks! Was actually working on something similar to that, with a separate view/DQ and then joining up at the report level but wasnt sure if there were different options in VA that could help.

Opal | Level 21

I know you can do formulas in VA but I haven't explored that option enough to give you an opinion. I've only had 2 months or so hands-on with VA so still working out best practices Smiley Happy.

Obsidian | Level 7
I figured out the best way to do it with the constraints I have is to create a separate table with YTD calculations and display them on a second table object in the report.



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