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Fluorite | Level 6

Hello.  Myself and my company are new SAS users and I was hoping someone could give me some insight.  In our database we are currently doing weekly refreshes of our data.  It is my understanding that if someone is in an exploration say on Wednesday, when the data refreshes over the weekend, the content of the exploration will update when it is opened on Monday.


If someone wanted to, could they 'freeze' the data in an exploration so that it doesn't refresh, even if the data source is refreshed?


Any advice would be appreciated.



Meteorite | Level 14

How is your data loaded into LASR server. Is it scheduled to refresh after the source data is updated?

Fluorite | Level 6

It is manually loaded on sunday mornings by our IT admin at this point, but he is still working on figuring out how to set a weekly schedule to have it refreshed and uploaded. 


We just didn't know, if someone opened an exploration a few weeks after they started it, would they have to push a button to refresh or would it do it automatically since the data source has since been refreshed and uploaded.  I believe we got our answer from another post, but anything additional you could add would be helpful.




A saved Data Exploration is simply a description of how you want to analyse a LASR data table and doesn't include the data itself. If the LASR data table is refreshed then the next time you run your Data Exploration it will use the updated data.


If you have a need to keep historical data as well as current data so you can reproduce 'old' explorations, then your LASR table refresh needs to be changed so it keeps history while adding new data.

Fluorite | Level 6

Thank you for your response.  That is what I thought but I just wanted to confirm so I could answer the question appropriately. 




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