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Calcite | Level 5

Good morning all.

I'm working with Visual Analytics (now 6.4, soon 7.1) and I need your help.

I need to create a filter on an aggregated measures to manage a simple threshold system.

I mean: I have an aggregated measure created as

     AggM = Sum[_By_Group_](M1)/Sum[_By_Group_](M2),

where neither M1 nor M2 are boolean measures, let's suppose with percentage format.

I also have a geographic hierarchy (Region, Province, City) that I want putting on a map.

So, when I run report I want to see AggM calculate for all region, then if I make a drill only provinces/ cities for which AggM > 30%.

I solved the problem all regions --> some Provinces by means of Interaction, but I can't solve the question of showing only Provinces/Cities for whom percentage il more than a fixed value.

Is anybody able to help me?

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

Fluorite | Level 6 sht
Fluorite | Level 6


When we create a hierarchy and if we want to show percentage by hierarchy then we should take care of 'Aggregation Type'.

Suppose I have hierarchy like (Region, Province, City) then VA will calculate percentage by considering grand total of Region for each hierarchy level.

Instead what we want is that for calculating percentage of Region it should take grand total of Region and same for Province and City

For that we have to make a small change i.e.

in Properties Pane of 'Percent' variable there is a option 'Aggregation' make its value to 'Average'


Calcite | Level 5

Thanks a lot for your answer.

But my problem is slighty different.

I'm able to calculate percentage at different levels; what I can not do is filter elements under or above a threshold.

Let me explain better: I have my percentage and my hierarchy (let me suppose Region/Province/City).

I want to show all regions with their percentages, then when I go to Province level only Province for which the percentage (calculated at Province level) is greatest than 50%.

I try 7.1 version, but what I see is that VA filter at raw level give me wrong results.



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