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Calcite | Level 5

Hello everyone,

I have created a report in SAS 9.4.

I want to export and then import it into a client's environment to do my analysis.

Any guidance on how to export and import SAS 9.4 report would be highly appreciable.

Thanks and Regards

Kritika Sharma




Diamond | Level 26

How did you create the report? Where does this report exist right now?


I want to export and then import it into a client's environment to do my analysis.


What do you mean by "client's environment"? Why do you need it in your client's environment to do your analysis, if you already have this report?

Paige Miller
Calcite | Level 5

The report is build in SAs 9.4 Visual Analytics environment.

I want to export it.

How can I do that?

Diamond | Level 26

You should post this in the Visual Analytics board, rather than the New SAS User board. Maybe a moderator will move it for you.


But, as long as you're here, I asked a lot of questions and you only answered one. Please answer all of the questions.

Paige Miller

I moved the topic to the VA area.

SAS Employee

The moving of reports from one environment to another in SAS 9.4 is done using the export/import functionality in SAS Management Console.  Here is a general example, the VA reports move the same way.


In addition to the report, you'll need to make sure to move the LASR table to the new environment and make sure it is available there.  If the location of the LASR table metadata changes, you'll get a chance during import to map it to the new table location.



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