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Fluorite | Level 6

Have the following in SAS VA *8.3 I believe*:

date population gender
04Jan2015 395 F
04Jan2015 3052 M
05Jan2015 3143 M
05Jan2015 397 F
06Jan2015 405 F
06Jan2015 3120 M
07Jan2015 3022 M
07Jan2015 378 F
08Jan2015 3193 M
08Jan2015 390 F
09Jan2015 390 F
09Jan2015 3144 M
10Jan2015 3114 M
10Jan2015 370 F
11Jan2015 402 F
11Jan2015 3455 M
12Jan2015 386 F


a) average population per month

b) average population per fiscal year (April 01-March 31)

Pyrite | Level 9

Could you please confirm the date variable in your example data is correct? It's now all January 2015. Could you please also explain what you have tried? List Table, Crosstab, bar chart,...?


Best regards,



PS. You can check the exact version number from top right corner: click the User icon > About.

SAS Employee

Asssuming your date variable is in a date format, you can do the following:

(If your date is a character, you can create a calculated item and use the parse operator to convert the date to a date type)


Average by Month:

1. Duplicate the date variable, rename to Month Year, and change the format to 'MMMYYYY'

2. Create a calculated item 'Average Population' = Avg [by group] population'

3. Put the Month Year and Average Population in a list table and averages by month will be calculated.


Average by Fiscal Year:

I would recommend adding an extra column in your data indicating which fiscal period that date falls within. For example, if one fiscal year is April 2014 - March 2015, then add an extra column where the fiscal year is 2014 for all those records. Your data should look something like this:


date population gender fiscal year
04Jan2015 395 F 2014
04Jan2015 3052 M 2014
05Apr2015 3143 M 2015
05May2015 397 F 2015
06Jan2016 405 F 2015
06May2016 3120 M 2016


Then, you can use the fiscal year variable and the same average population item created above in another list table and the averages will automatically calculate for the fiscal years.


Hope this helps,




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