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Obsidian | Level 7



Is there a way I can access the coefficients of a linear fit through a scatter plot and use it in calculations displayed in a report?


E.g. I have 2 scatter plots, both controlled by a set of List controls. Every time I change the list selection, the data displayed and the fit lines on both plots change. 


sc5_0-1714399253799.png             sc5_1-1714399277066.png



is there any way to display a table with the difference between the calculated y-values from both fit lines at certain x-values?

This table would dynamically update every time the list control selection changes, and it would be displayed on the main report page.


Essentially, are the intercept, slope and R-square stored anywhere as objects I can reference? Like can I create a parameter as @chartobject.slope or something?

I can see them when I maximise the chart object, but I don't see a way to display them dynamically updating as part of the main report page.




In Excel this is easy with pivot tables. Slicers control charts connected to the pivot tables, and formulas =intercept(<y_col>,,x_col>), =slope(<y_col>,,x_col>) capture the trendline dynamically in cells anywhere I want. 

I don't want to have to export a regression / run code / refresh the report / etc., the aim is just to do some quick interactive analysis in the report as we slice data on-the-fly. 

Thank you!

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