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Join the Boston Area User Group on March 30 for their next webinar: Beyond IF Then Else: Techniques for Conditional Execution of SAS Code.


Nearly every SAS program includes logic that causes certain code to be executed only when specific conditions are met. This is commonly done using the IF…THEN…ELSE syntax. In this paper, we will explore various other ways to construct conditional SAS logic. Register here.




Online registration is coming soon for the Michigan SAS Users Group's upcoming event, Building Web Apps on Desktop SAS, on March 24. This session will cover the existing functionality, and roadmap, for SASjs Server - a NodeJS wrapper (with REST API) over Base SAS. 


This open-source product can be likened to a "trimmed down" version of SAS/Intrnet, Stored Process Server, or Job Execution Service.  It is primarily used for building web applications (or third party integrations) on vanilla instances of desktop (or server based) SAS.




In lieu of an annual conference, the Western Users of SAS Software is offering an extensive menu of online training classes throughout 2021 and early 2022. Stay tuned for the March schedule to be posted here.




Have something up & coming in March or April? Make sure you enter your event here and we look forward to helping you coordinate and/or promote it!! 



Registration is open! SAS is returning to Vegas for an AI and analytics experience like no other! Whether you're an executive, manager, end user or SAS partner, SAS Innovate is designed for everyone on your team. Register for just $495 by 12/31/2023.

If you are interested in speaking, there is still time to submit a session idea. More details are posted on the website. 

Register now!

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