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Thursday, Feb. 3 |  11 a.m. ET (1 hour)

Ask the Expert: How Do We Make Our Data a Trusted and Reusable Asset?

Data quality is a top-of-mind issue for most organizations. During this webinar, we’ll explore common data quality challenges and their associated misconceptions, give participants a clear definition of the different types of data quality, and discuss executing or extending data governance to solve unique situations. You will learn:

  • Common misconceptions about data quality.
  • Organizational reasons for poor data quality.
  • The types and scope of data quality.
  • The role of data stewards.
  • How to organize a data governance program to support improvement and measurement of data quality.
Available on demand Feb. 4.
Tuesday, Feb. 8 |  11 a.m. ET (1 hour)
In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to the fundamental components of deep learning and detail how deep learning is different from traditional neural network modeling. SAS expert Robert Blanchard will present and answer your questions at the end of the webinar. You will learn:
  • The fundamentals of deep learning.
  • How to use deep learning in SAS.
  • What autoencoder models are and how they can be used.
Available on demand Feb. 9.

Thursday, Feb. 10 |  11 a.m. ET (Just 20 minutes!)

What’s Next? Key 2022 Trends for Health and Life Sciences

This webinar, part of our Analytics in 20 series, explains that 2021 taught us that preparedness is imperative. Join us and learn what might be next for health and life sciences in 2022. Join us and you'll:

  • See how analytics is key to running your business in 2022.
  • Learn why innovation and change are the only constants.
  • Discover the power of SAS and Microsoft for trusted analytics in the cloud.
Available on demand Feb. 11. 



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