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Calcite | Level 5

Hi, I am currently using the SAS Studio University edition. 

Just wondering, is there anyway to turn off auto highlighting? Everytime I move my cursor, my entire code gets highlighted. 

(I did saw another post about this, and I tried using different browsers, but all of them are doing the same thing.) 

Is there anyway to alter the setting so I can only select certain sections of my code to run? 


Thank you! 


Just out of curiosity, are you running on a laptop with a touchpad?  Sometimes the touchpad on my laptop is very sensitive and I end up highlighting when I move the cursor. If you do an internet search for " touchpad decrease sensitivity highlighting" and get many postings from people who are experiencing similar problems.



Obsidian | Level 7

I'm using Studio 3.6 Enterprise Edition in Internet Explorer 11, and get the highlighting problem as well, but not on all lines. It starts while editing the program and then everything past that line has the highlighting problem.  I found that I can remove the problem if I go to the first row where the highlighting problem starts, and backspace to the row that doesn't have the highlighting problem. So I wonder if this is something to do with text encoding and somehow a hidden character getting inserted in the editor?  This happens all the time, so I started using notepad++ for majority of my programming. But it would be nice to use the Studio editor, since I can't run the SAS program directly from notepad++.

SAS Employee


Can you copy and paste what you see in Studio's About dialog? Click the ? in the banner in the top right and click About Studio. Copy and paste any non-company sensitive information.


A couple of suggestions:


  • Can you try using another browser to see if you get the same issue? 
  • Have you tried clearing your browser's cache as well? 
  • Did this happen mainly when you copied from some app like Notepad++  and pasted it into Studio?


Samantha DuPont

UI Designer on SAS Studio and SAS Enterprise Guide

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