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Hi, everyone.


I began using SAS Studio since last fall for some of my coursework. I now use it for coursework and my daily job doing academic research. When I began to use SAS Viya for Learners, I didn't experience any difficulties in migrating my projects. The processing speed is super fast, I loved the customized keyboard shortcuts, ... the list goes on. But it has come with a catch, and it doesn't matter if I use Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. For what it's worth, I'm accessing SAS with 2 iMacs and MacBook Air (2019).  No problems with them using Studio, but when I'm using Viya, it becomes painfully slow after about an hour! The keyboard and cursor movement becomes delayed and response trails off. I have logged off and back in, tried different browsers, tried even just using a different project, but nothing seems to fix the lagginess issue. What's worse is that, once the lagginess shows up, so do random errors using scripts that I know work and have worked for weeks. One of these errors involves %studio_hide_wrapper. I've searched and cannot track down any info as to what that macro is or what I should expect it to be doing (or not doing). 


I have reached out to the online tech support regarding all of these issue. It was suggested that I switch browsers. 😕


Any suggestions, good people? 🙂 


Unfortunately, I don't have a fix but maybe a work around.  I make sure I add my cas session & any libname & caslib statements to my autoexec file (you can edit your autoexec by selecting Options -> Autoexec):


libname casuser cas;

caslib _ALL_ assign;

/*- Any other caslib or libname that want at start-up */

Then if performance becomes sluggish - I just reset my session by selecting Options -> Reset SAS session

Hope this helps


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