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Calcite | Level 5

I am using the online sas studio.


The code is as follows,


%macro allcylinders;
proc sql noprint;
select distinct Cylinders
into :val1-
where Cylinders ne .;

%put &=SQLOBS;

%do i=1 %to %SQLOBS;
title "&&val%i-Cylinder Cars";
proc print noobs;
var Make Model Type Origin MSRP MPG_City MPG_Highway;
where Cylinders=&&val&i;
%mend allcylinders;



The macro compilation passes successfully. When I run the macro, it complains the following,


WARNING: Apparent invocation of macro SQLOBS not resolved.
ERROR: A character operand was found in the %EVAL function or %IF condition where a numeric operand is required. The condition was:
ERROR: The %TO value of the %DO I loop is invalid.
But as I printed on the screen, the macro variable SQLOBS=7, thus I don't understand why it issues the specific WARNING, and then give the next ERROR message.

Accepted Solutions
Diamond | Level 26
%do i=1 %to %SQLOBS;


should say


%do i=1 %to &SQLOBS;
Paige Miller

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Diamond | Level 26
%do i=1 %to %SQLOBS;


should say


%do i=1 %to &SQLOBS;
Paige Miller
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

and also, 

title "&&val%i-Cylinder Cars";
needs to be 
title "&&val&i-Cylinder Cars";
Super User Tom
Super User

There are two trigger characters that the macro processor looks for to decide if it should intervene.


The & is used for referencing macro variables (aka SYMBOLS).

The % is used for macro statements, functions and user defined macros.


You tried to call a macro named SQLOBS instead of reference the value of a macro variable named SQLOBS.

Calcite | Level 5

Thank all for your help! Feel so ashamed to have made so stupid mistakes ...

Calcite | Level 5

sorry, don't know how to accept more than one solution ..


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