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Quartz | Level 8
proc globstmtc is currently executing.This is message is not letting me run the other there a work around for this?
Calcite | Level 5

I get this under certain circustances and have to restart my SAS Session.   Guess nobody knows what it means... I'll ask SAS Tech Support and post an answer.

Calcite | Level 5

Reply from SAS Tech Support


We can replicate a similar message that you are seeing.  Start a SAS session and submit the following:

data a; a=1; run;

/* title 'test' ; */

proc report data=a;

title 'test' ;


Then without X'ing out of the PROC REPORT results window submit the following statement:

%let b=1;

A window pops up with the following note which is confusing since proc globstmtc is not being used:

NOTE: PROC GLOBSTMTC is currently executing.  All subsequently submitted statements will not begin executing until its completion.

If the TITLE statement is removed or moved before the PROC REPORT the note says PROC REPORT as expected.

This is a bug in the system. SAS is not corrupted at all but just the current executing PROC name is temporarily changed due to a global statement being executed in the PROC REPORT(in this case).  It could have been PROC CONTENTS.

We are fixing this at 9.4.  The possible workaround is to move any global statement in your PROC outside of the PROC.

Opal | Level 21

Thanks for passing this on.  Of course, an obvious work around is to include the nowd option whenever running proc report.

Calcite | Level 5


This is old discussion, however, I got the same error message. (I'm SAS 9.3 user).

I used a simple query without any %global statement, just records to be filtered for specific dates.

Despite the error message, it still came through. But just wondering what does GLOBSTMTC is ?



Obsidian | Level 7


We are (sporadic) experiencing the same problem here in Statistics Denmark (SAS 9.3) - without using PROC REPORT. Is it possible for you to reproduce this "feature" and be so kind to give us the code? A compact example using SASHELP.CLASS could be nice i.e:

data test;

   set sashelp.class;






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