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Calcite | Level 5


I had this requirement where i had to import a data table from a pdf into a SAS dataset. My SAS resides in UNIX. So is my pdf... Is there a way where I could acheive this?

Thanks so much in Advance!


Opal | Level 21

Since you are on Unix, Nat's paper is probably the way to go.  However, I recently discovered some old Windows' software that allowed me to import tables from pdfs that Ghostscript may not have been able to download correctly.  While it may not help you in your quest, I thought it worth sharing for others who might confont a similar problem.

Adobe acrobat reader 6 for Windows is still available for free at:

Similarly, a releated plugin that Adobe also used to provide is available for free at:

When one has Adobe reader 6 installed, with the TAPS plugin,after one clicks on select text they have the option to use a menu item labeled Table/Formatted Text Select Tool.  By clicking on that option I found that I could correctly copy and paste tables from pdf files and not have to do any editing of the file to get it into a readable format.

Like I mentioned, may or may not be relevant to you (unless Windows is also part of the equation), but thought that others might find it useful.

Calcite | Level 5

Hi, Pramod.R.

I am a newbie here. But I do want to offer you some help. I think there are 2 different ways for you to choose from:

1/ You can do some conversion work to your PDF files and make it available for SAS. Using some code to work it out if you are a program developer.

2/ You can choose a fine PDF SDK to help you with your work. I also suggest you choose one whose way of processing is simple and fast. It can save a lot of time for you.

I am not sure whther it will be helpful to you. But I hope you success. Good luck.

Best regards,


Calcite | Level 5

I think your question can be solved. But in general, if you want to draw data from PDF file, a PDF reading component will probably be used and I do not know whether SAS has PDF processing functions.

There is a article from Cornel University, which gives instructions on how to import data from Excel into SAS. Hope it can help you a little.

PS: I want to post the link here but when I copied the link, strange tags happens. So you can google"import a data table from a pdf into a SAS dataset" and the answer is in the second page. By the way, if you find a good solution, please share it with us. Thank you so much.

Calcite | Level 5

Hi Pramod,

I am new here, any luck as to how to convert PDF files into SAS dataset yet?

I am working as a SAS programmer-right now I too am curious on how to convert pdf file into sas datasets,

like you my SAS and PDF files are persent in the UNIX environment, I am trying to do this to improve the quality

and enhance the QC process, did a little research where you can convert pdf file into .txt file and then try to read into the SAS, but its tedious

I am not a unix person, but I am able to sense that we can easily do these file conversions in UNIX using some script.

Any help will be appreciated.Thanks.

Good luck,


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