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Hi all,

In the attached document you can see an example of the table summarizing patients adverse events within different visits in hospitals. VISITDT is a visit date. term2 is adverse event verbatim. columns DATE_ONSET(=start date) and DATE_END are still not populated. I put each visit in different color. And I took as example "hyperuricemia" which I highlighted in red color, to explain my problem. You can see that this patient #1 had hyperuricemia in all visits, except on the visit on 22.jan.2016. Thus, in my final table I would like to have only 2 rows for hyperuricemia (including max INTENSITY):

1st row: term2=hyperuricemia DATE_ONSET=31.dec.2015 DATE_END=18.jan.2016 INTENSITY=Grade 4

2nd row: term2=hyperuricemia DATE_ONSET=15.feb.2016 DATE_END=23.mar.2016 INTENSITY=Grade 3 (Severe)

Basically I know how to have first and last date with proc sort, but my main problem is how to take into account the interruptions. Please could anyone help? I think program should look row by row, and if no hyperuricemia then it should take the previous VISITDT as end date. Then when program see hyperuricemia again it should take VISITDT as a new DATE_ONSET, and so on... THANK YOU!


dates interruptions.jpg


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Please supply your data as data steps with datalines, as you were shown in Then give an example of the exepected result.

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