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Meteorite | Level 14

I want to create a sas macro varaible xx and I get an error.
/*ERROR: Function name missing in %SYSFUNC or %QSYSFUNC macro function reference.*/
/*ERROR: %EVAL function has no expression to evaluate, or %IF statement has no condition.*/

When I create macro var YY I don't get error.
What is the problem with xx?

%let fromdate=21775;/*This is sas value for date 14AUG2019*/

%let xx = %eval(%sysfunc(&fromdate.)-1);

%let yy = %eval(%sysfunc(today())-1);
Opal | Level 21

Like the error message tells you you're using %sysfunc() without using a function.

Code like below should do:

%let xx = %eval(&fromdate.-1);
Meteorite | Level 14

Hi @Ronein 


The %SYSFUNC() function enables to use SAS functions with macro variables.

In your example, the %SYSFUNC() function enables to use the TODAY() function. Look at the difference:


Capture d’écran 2019-12-30 à 10.23.39.png








But in your example with xx, the %SYSFUNC() function is not associated with any SAS function. So that makes no sense.

The syntax should be just:

%let xx = %eval(&fromdate.-1);

Hope this help.


Super User

Maxim 1: Read the Documentation.

In this case, of the %SYSFUNC macro function. You will see that the first argument to %sysfunc has to be a function. Since &fromdate resolves to a literal and not a function name, your %sysfunc call fails.

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