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Calcite | Level 5

Hello! is there anyone out there who can help cut down the ambiguity to explanations on how to upload an access 2007 database file into access. I've exhausted all help out here and they are mostly ambiguous to a new sas user like me. all I've managed is getting this kind of error messages;


        Server Name is invalid or missing

        file WORK.CHECKIN.DATA does not exist  

        DBMS type ACCESS not valid for import


gainful help will be much appreciated.

Diamond | Level 26 RW9
Diamond | Level 26

You mean upload data from Access into SAS?  I don't believe that is possible with SAS UE.  UE is a learning tool, designed to help people start out with SAS and is missing several components.  UE runs on a linux image, and so doesn't have the various MS proprietary parts to access their files, you would need to use pcfiles server, and that is what I don't think is available.

I would highly advise to ditch Access in general, not a great database, and proprietary - hence why you need drivers to access them.  My suggestion, as always, use open plain portable file formats.  Simplest of which is CSV - easy to create from any software, portable, plain text, readable by any software.  There are others like XML, but they are more advanced, and harder to read in directly.  So export your data from Access into CSV, then write a datastep import program - or use proc import but bear in mind that is guessing what your data looks like, far better to write it yourself - and then you will have your data nicely.

Rhodochrosite | Level 12



Can you show your code ?


If i'm not mistaken, SAS University edition runs on a linux VM. So if you run it on a windows machine,

your file has to be on a shared directory mounted by the virtual machine and the path specified accordingly.

Pyrite | Level 9


Excel files can be imported to SAS University edition. See the following posts.


The appropriate course will be to export access tables into an excel  Workbook and then import into SAS.

Super User

is there anyone out there who can help cut down the ambiguity to explanations on how to upload an access 2007 database file into access


I do believe you can connect to an ACCESS DB in SAS UE but it's not clear what you're actually trying to do, your question is also ambiguous. In general, you move data from SAS to Access or Access to SAS. Which one are you trying to do?

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