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Calcite | Level 5


I am working on a huge data set with over 400 variables and around 99999 observations. It is a log detailing the usage of calls (local, international, duration, etc) , data, amount charged etc. I have another data set with the list of churners and the churn months. This data os given for 6 months and over 3 years separately.

1. I am not able to join the 2 data sets on the key variable : Product 

It always gives me insufficient memory error in log. Tried to run it on first 40 obs then also it did not work.

2. I have to create a data set which has the details of calls for only 3 selected months keeping everything else same.


Since loops are not allowed in proc sql, can anyone please help me out how to go about it?

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Neither of those datasets sounds large enough to run out of memory. What size GB are the SAS data sets? Also, please post your code.
Calcite | Level 5

for joining of the data sets i used the code:


proc sql;
select c.*, s.*
from cnl as c right join smb as s
on s.product_id = c.product_id;


the size of smb is 1.2 gb and cnl is a few kbs.


for the second part where I need usage for only 3 selected months I do not know  how to go about it. Please help.

Opal | Level 21


Not sure why you're running out of memory. For the SQL you've posted an alternative approach which should perform better would be using a hash lookup table. Condition for below code to work properly (as well as for your SQL): PRODUCT_ID is the primary key in both tables. 

data want(drop=_rc);
  if _n_=1 then
      if 0 then set cnl;
      dcl hash h (dataset:'cnl');
  call missing(of _all_);

  set smb;


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First thing with any date related topic: are you dates SAS date valued variables? That makes anything related to dates much easier in 99.9% of cases.




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