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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi All,

I have data(stored in SQL DB) is being encrypted (few variables in the dataset are encryted) by a third party tool. Now., I have to decrypt that data using SAS. 


One of the team in the company has successfully decrypted the data in Tableau by using Tabpy component. For this they have created an API (where all the authenticaton happens) the script calls the external tool where they pass the variables needed to decrypt. Since Tableau is a GUI based system it worked really fine for them.


Now with the SAS package., I have to do similar follow similar or a better approach to decrypt those variables and store it back in the DB. 


Can someone help me with the best approach to decrypt (using the external tool) and SASPY and call it with the help of SAS Enterprise Guide. I have already installed/configured and connected to SASPY.


Appreciate your help.



You will have to follow the same approach as was used by Tableau and that means calling the third-party tool to do the decryption. Can you post the script that was used by Tableau?

Obsidian | Level 7

I do not have the script. And we cannot get the script from that team also. 


In that case we can't help. Only the tool that did the encryption can be used to decrypt. This isn't a SAS problem.


Talk to your manager - how is it that another team in your organisation has a solution but you cannot get it?

Opal | Level 21

In a normal scenario the data in the database wouldn't be encrypted but the table with the data would also not be accessible other than via views. Access to the data would be managed via access to the views and there would then be different views which surface that data either masked or clear text.


From how I understand what you're writing the data gets already encrypted by some 3rd party tool before it gets stored in the database. If this is true then you will need to fully understand how the decryption process needs to work - and the team in your organization which has already done that should have all the details necessary.  ...or even nicer of course would be the database could implement these calls and for you it's then just back to accessing a view surfacing the data.

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