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Quartz | Level 8

Hi All,


I am unable to use SAS FEDSQL and DS2 against SQL Appliances that have been connected to using SAS ACCESS/ODBC. I keep getting ERROR: TKTS initialization failed.  We don't have the Federation Server licence, hoping it is not required.


Many thanks 



Quartz | Level 8

Google doesn't provide any detailed information.  The basic examples that I have used for FEDSQL and DS2 work when using SAS data on the server.  However, it fail with the TKTS error.  I have noticed that the TKTS error seems to be very general and not specific.  I am so used to specific error messages in the SAS log.   DS2 and FEDSQL error messaging needs to be improved.


Note: Using SAS 9.4m3 and SAS/ACCESS to ODBC to connect to a Postgresql Database.



Ammonite | Level 13

You shouldn't need a Federation Server licence for this - I suspect there may be something wrong with your ODBC connection.


Are you able to successfully connect and run some "old school" SAS i.e. not DS2 code against the data source using the same connection string?

Quartz | Level 8

Hi Chris,


I have successfully ran PROC SQL and DATA steps against the ODBC connection without issue, just the DS2 and FEDSQL giving problems. As mentioned I know the FEDSQL and DS2 code that I have ran is good as I changed the input and out put libraries to SAS locations and it works really well.


Forgot to mention that SAS is being ran on Red Hat Linux in AWS and using a AWS RDS Postgresql Database.


ODBC connection details I have set are:


Driver = PostgreSQL
Description = PostgreSQL Data Source
Servername = xxxxxxxx-server-location-xxxxxxxx
Port = 5432
Protocol = 7.4
Database = riskindex_poc
SSLMode = require
SSLKeyFile = /apps/unixodbc/etc/rds-combined-ca-bundle.pem
MaxLongVarcharSize = 32767



Many thanks



Ammonite | Level 13

That seems odd - I think your best bet would be to raise a track with SAS Support

SAS Employee

FedSQL and DS2 use a PostgreSQL TKTS driver to access PostgreSQL. This driver is available with SAS/ACCESS for PostgreSQL.

Quartz | Level 8

Unfortunately, not a solution unless SAS/ACCESS to Postgresql is actually licenced.   There should be a way to utilise SAS/ACCESS to ODBC. 

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