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Obsidian | Level 7

Hello everyone, 


I am currently using SAS SUDAAN to generate outcome. But all the output were in SAS output window. It's very hard to read. 

Does anybody know how to get the final reports in word or pdf? 


Thank you so much. 


I have tried to add ods rtf before running SUDAAN, but it won't work. 



Super User

You don't say if you had an ODS RTF close or not. Without the close bit the file doesn't get finalized and won't contain any output. Generic:

ods rtf file="path/name.rtf" <other options>;

<procedure(s) generating results output>

ods rtf close;


It has been years since I used SUDAAN but if it does not play well with ODS the basic approach was:

1) don't bother with anything sent to the results window

2) find the SUDAAN syntax to send the pieces you want to SAS data set(s)

3) use other SAS tools to create reports from the data that will honor ODS destinations.


Did this basically to have all the options from Proc Report/Tabulate/Print to make output that was nicer than the default SUDAAN tables.


And watch what you put for LEVELS. You can generate a great deal of empty stuff if careless.

Obsidian | Level 7

Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, I used the ODS RTF close as well, but no output in the file. I guess the ods output doesn't work for SUDAAN. 


I used proc descript in the program, and I tried to save the results in the dataset, so that I can manipulate the data. However, I used ODS TRACE on/off to trace all the steps, but can't find the dataset name. 


Do you have any idea which dataset that SUDAAN store the data temporarily? 



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