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Calcite | Level 5


If I write below syntax but it always have the errors. Could anyone help me? Thanks in advance

libname mylib "/folders/myfolders";



Diamond | Level 26

The folder does not exist.


You want to use the name of an actual folder that exists in your LIBNAME statement.


(Also, this is not an ERROR, it is a NOTE.)

Paige Miller
Rhodochrosite | Level 12


If my memory serves me right, your Libname statement reflects how it's used to be done using SAS University Edition. For SAS ODA, you would use

libname mylib "$HOME";

Which would point to your /home/??/?? Home directory, with you being the only one with access to it


Hope this helps 



  On SAS OnDemand for Academics, there is a top folder with the name Files (Home), which is the place where the student's files can be uploaded and programs and other work can be saved.


  When using SAS Studio, you can do a right-click on Files (Home) and select Properties and the Location field in the Properties window should show you the unique path name for the student account. For example, in this screen shot, the Location field of the Properties window reveals that the physical server path for the Files (Home) top folder is /home/<your userid>


So that means if the student has an old style userID that path could be: /home/johndoe0 or /home/Smith230. but if they student has a new style userID, then the path in the Location field might be u1234567 or u9876543. One way to represent the physical path for this location is to use the tilde or ~ symbol in the path.

  There are some subfolders under this top Files (Home) location, so let's take a look at some of these subfolders.

1) Path for EPG1C2 subfolder:


So, if the userID was u1234567, then the path would be /home/u1234567/EPG1V2 or using the alternate ~ symbol, would be ~/EPG1V2. Note if you use home as the first level, you MUST have a leading slash. If you use ~ (tilde) to replace the /home/userID portion of the path, then there is NOT any leading slash.

2)  Path for data subfolder under EPG1V2 folder


So again, this path would be /home/u1234567/EPG1V2/data or, using the tilde would be: ~/EPG1V2/data


3) Path for the all_output folder under Files (Home)


This folder is directly under the Files (Home) top folder, so the path is /home/u1234567/all_output with a student whose userID is u1234567 or to use the tilde, the path would be ~/all_output


  Just remember to use the Properties method to ALWAYS be able to find out the correct path for a file or folder in SAS Studio on the SAS OnDemand server.





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