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Fluorite | Level 6


First of all, thank you for your time for my question.


I am currently analyzing the video viewing history data of many people.


However, this data does not have a user's score, so I need to create a score.


Here is my data: This gubun variable indicates that the user is in the following state:



1           F               A 

1           B               A

1           W              A

1           W              B

1           B               B

1           W              B


2           W              C

2           W              C

2           B               D

2           B               A


3           W              E

3           B               B

3           F               E

3           B               B





F is favorite, B is buy, W is watch


The data listing means that the action has taken place in that order.


I want to score the continuous behavior that users have been doing.


For example, a continuous F-B data set appears. In other words, I would like to treat it as a single action and assign it to a new variable if I made a purchase after clicking the Like button. I do not know how to evaluate continuous data.


example : 


user      F-B-W     F-B      W-B-W     W-W      B  .  W-F  .... (many combination possible )

  1            1             1            1            0         2         0    ....

  2            0             0            0             1        2         0               


I just want to know how to count sequence in ordered data. please give me some advice. 


Thanks in advance for your help.


A few items that you will need to either confirm or clarify ...


If a user has no "B" observations, then it seems you want no output for that user. 


The sequences are determined for each User / Movie combination.


If a user's "B" observation occurs on only one movie, you still want the combinations for the other movies that don't have a "B".


What is the "Like button"?  Is there a variable in the data set that indicates "like"?

Fluorite | Level 6

I want to make output even there is no B observations. for example , W-W also important , 


for modeling, i count many various sequences. 




it was my mistake,  i didn't write that like button means gubun =F ,


sorry. 🙂 



OK, one question still unanswered.  What happens when ID=3 and the movie values alternate?  Are the sequences W-F and B-B?  Or do the sequences get measured by ignoring the MOVIE and just looking at GUBUN?

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