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Calcite | Level 5

I'm a beginner so i apologize if this seems like a stupid question. 

The errors i am receiving are :


 ERROR: At least one file associated with fileref _HTMLOUT is still in use.
 ERROR: Error in the FILENAME statement.
 ERROR: At least one file associated with fileref _RTFOUT is still in use.
 ERROR: Error in the FILENAME statement.
 ERROR: Physical file does not exist, /folders/myfolders/data/pharmacy.dat.
This is my infile statement:

VALUE $centervfmt 1='In a shopping center' 2='Not in a shopping center';

DATA pharmacy;
INFILE '/folders/myfolders/data/pharmacy.dat';


Super User

The mostly cause of _HTMLOUT is still in use type errors that you have some program viewing the output created by HTML and/or RTF.


Close the other programs down.


None of the first 4 error messages have anything to do with the posted code. The issue would be from a FILENAME, if you used _HTMLOUT or _RTFOUT explicitly.

I suspect that you might have something like


ods rtf;

<a procedure that created output>

ods rtf close;

where you did not explicitly specify a file name and the program is using a default file for RTF and HTML output. With the results open that default file reference is "in use" until the program viewing the output is closed for the RTF or HTML output.


The infile error likely means that you either did not paste the file into the correct folder OR have a spelling issue. The path you use makes me believe that you are using the University Edition which runs in a Linux virtual machine. Linux file and path names are case sensitive. Double check from the open file dialog box in UE whether one of those items is spelled with capital letters.



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