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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10
Suppose i have code datastep and procedure it could be take 5 hours
To excute output so how can we estimate execution time before we run the program
Super User
Run it on a smaller samples and extrapolate.
Super User

Volume of network traffic? By time of day?

Size of data set, number of records and number of variables used

Specific "procedures" involved

Type of output generated

Disk space used, disk speed


A brief list of things that will impact run time.


If the code is debugged and runs routinely I would suggest running this a batch job when use of resources like the network is low.


Space, especially user work space, on disks and computer may have a significant impact on run time. If memory use is maxed out then SAS spends a lot of time writing temporary information to disk and then reading it back for the operation.


Look at your logs and see which steps are taking the most time. That code may be a target for reducing run time.



Lapis Lazuli | Level 10
my question is how to estimate executiion time before run the code
Rhodochrosite | Level 12

As far as I know, SAS does not have a way to predict execution time, so I think the only way is to run it using a sample data set with extracted data, as Reeza said.
However, since the procedure is often not simply proportional to the dataset size, I think you need to measure the data step and proc step separately to improve the accuracy of the estimation.


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