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Calcite | Level 5

Hello everyone,

I am facing to this problem.

I have this


and I wanna converted to this format


Has anybody know how to solve this problem?

Diamond | Level 26 RW9
Diamond | Level 26

Is record date a numeric date?  If so then just format it:

format recorddate yymmn6.;
Calcite | Level 5

It works but it doesnt change to numeric format as need it.




Super User

@jopo12345678 wrote:

It works but it doesnt change to numeric format as need it.




The "calendar" icon beside the variable name clearly tells us that this is a numeric variable.

If you want to get the integer number 201401 (which is basically useless for any type of computation), you need to do

recorddate = input(put(recorddate,yymmn6.),6.);
format recorddate 6.;

I'm guessing that record date is character, and that snapshot date could be character as well:


length snapshot $ 6;

snapshot = scan(RecordDate, 3, '.') || scan(RecordDate, 2, '.');

Super User Tom
Super User

How are we supposed to tell what values you have or want from photographs of your screen?


How is the variable RecordDate defined?  Is it a character? Or a date variable with format like DDMMYYp10. attached to it so that it displays in DMY order with periods between the parts?


How do you want the SNAPSHOT variable defined? Do you want a character string? Do you want a date value with a format like YYMMN6. attached to it so it display with four digit year and two digit month and nothing between the parts?  Or perhaps you want to make SNAPSHOT as just a numeric variable and not a date at all, just a number where you have put the month of the year into the ones and tens place and the calendar year into the higher place digits?



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