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If so, we’d love to see you in Dallas! Chris Hemedinger and I will be there doing a myriad of things from shooting videos to milling about the Quad (a.k.a. demo floor) to meet as many community members as possible. What’s your schedule looking like during the conference? Not sure where to start? Check out these handy sample session agendas to get going.

If you’ll be there a tad early on Saturday, April 25, don’t miss the #SASGF15 #TweetUp that Michelle Homes and TriciaA have been talking up. I know many of you are going – saw you mentioned it in a recent article comment, Andrew Howell – and I look forward to meeting you!

Chris and I will be at the SAS Community/Support Site booth on Sunday, April 26, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. and Tuesday, April 28, from 4-5 p.m. Lainie Hoverstad will also be at the booth for during most of the Quad open hours. Stop by and say hello.

BONUS: if you’re in need of a head shot for your community avatar, we've got you covered. We can stroll over to the SAS Photo Booth to snap a photo for you to use as an avatar and post to other social sites to tell the world you’re at SAS Global Forum 2015!

Also on Tuesday, you don’t want to miss the Online Communities Linkup from 6:30-8 p.m. for a packed agenda covering the latest developments of six SAS-related communities:, SAS-L,, SAS Canada Community, and the SAS Professional Forum.

Can you tell I’m a bit excited? Share your pre-SAS Global Forum thoughts here! Are you presenting? What’s your favorite thing about the conference?


Meteorite | Level 14

Thanks for letting us know the community related activities and also mentioning the #SASGF15 #TweetUp. Let us know on Twitter (use the hashtags #SASGF15 #TweetUp) or place a comment on the blog if you plan to join us.

What a great idea to have a photo booth to update the avatars and I hope people too.

I've enjoyed seeing you prepare for previous SAS Global Forums with the Inside Global Forum series such as Anna Brown Previews SAS Global Forum 2012 - YouTube I hope there's one for this year?

I'm excited about catching up with our Metacoda customers, partners and friends and meeting people at the #SASGF15 #TweetUp and conference. I'm not presenting this year and look forward to being at the Metacoda stand in The Quad. Visit us and say hello (or g'day) and collect a Metacoda koala 🙂


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Pyrite | Level 9


If you count my short presentation (probably only 1 slide, but a bit more talking) about the SAS Professional Forum group on LinkedIn at the Online Communities Linkup, I'll be presenting 4 times in Dallas.  While I'm at the Online Communities Linkup I may talk a bit about the sasCommunity group on LinkedIn too, as I've just joined the group management team there.  I will be talking to Lainie Hoverstad about this during SASGF anyway.

In case you're interested in seeing me talk about something other than LinkedIn, my 3 other presentations will be:

  • Converting Annotate to ODS Graphics. Is It Possible? [Room 147 at 3pm on Monday]
  • How Do You Use Look-up Tables? [Room 146 at 4pm on Monday]
  • SAS® Enterprise Guide or SAS® Studio: Which is Best for You? [Ballroom C3 at 9am on Wednesday]

I've only missed one SAS Global Forum, since it changed from being called SUGI, and each year I meet up with old friends from previous SASGFs and then make new friends too.  I like the idea of the SAS Photo Booth, so you will see me there! Smiley Happy

My only regret this year is that I'll miss the #SASGF15 #Tweetup, because my flight from the UK lands too late on Saturday evening. Smiley Sad

Looking forward to meeting everyone in Dallas....................Phil

Philip R Holland
Holland Numerics: Blog and Forums
Community Manager

Michelle - thanks for bringing up the Inside SAS Global Forum series! Yes, I will be conducting those video interviews, as will Chris. Chris will also be hosting the "Tech Talks" as he has in years past.

Phil - oh my, you will be busy! Four presentations?! Thanks for taking the time to stop by the Photo Booth between all of those engagements. Smiley Happy I look forward to meeting you.


Calcite | Level 5

Hello Anna,

Since you are SAS employee, may be you can assist me?

I am looking for the SALARY data using in the QUANTREG Procedure example:

SAS/STAT(R) 13.2 User's Guide

Please assist.



Babajesha - this thread is specifically about SAS Global Forum 2015. If you have a SAS/STAT specific query, I'd suggest posting the question in the community.


- will you be at SGF this year? I still owe you a coffee or a drink from SanFran, and was sorry not to see you in Washington DC.

Opal | Level 21

Andrew, Unfortunately, no, I won't be at SGF this year. Besides, as I recall from SF, I was part of the group that fed you too many beverages before your first ever presentation.

However, not one to give up a free drink (preferably NOT coffee), maybe the next(first) time I'm in Australia.


(It was actually a catch up on the Wednesday afternoon, but I couldn't contact you. Happy to take you out anytime you're Down Under.)

Community Manager

Thanks for helping out babaijesha, Andrew Howell and Arthur Tabachneck! Sorry to miss meeting you this year at SAS Global Forum, Arthur, but sounds like you have fun plan when you make it Down Under.:)

Community Manager

I'll be manning the SAS Community/Support Site booth so please come visit me! Smiley Happy

I think we have a couch at our booth -- so come by and "sit a while."

I also plan to be at the Online Communities Meet-up -- on Tuesday night: Online Communities Linkup.

See you soon!


Community Manager

If you can't join us in Dallas for SAS Global Forum and this Communities Linkup,  you can still participate remotely via WebEx.

Here is the link to the session - we'll set it up shortly before the "go-live time" of 6:30 pm Central Time.  When you connect, you'll have the opportunity to use your computer for audio (recommended) or dial into a conference call.  We'll do our best to establish a decent audio connection.  We'll also record the presentations for posterity. 


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Opal | Level 21

: That address looks a bit distorted. Is the following the correct address?:

Community Manager

Yup, that's it! It won't be a "real meeting" until I start it next Tuesday night.

Check out SAS Innovate on-demand content! Watch the main stage sessions, keynotes, and over 20 technical breakout sessions!


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