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Fluorite | Level 6

Here is another example which will work in all scenarios.


data inds;
 invar = "There was once a merchant who employed many carpenters and masons to build a temple in his garden. Regularly, they would start work in the morning; The Monkey And The Wedge - Panchatantra Story Pictureand take a break for the mid-day meals, and return to resume work till evening. One day, a group of monkey arrived at the site of the building and watched the workers leaving for their mid-day meals. One of the carpenters was sawing a huge log of wood. Since, it was only half-done; he placed a wedge in between to prevent the log from closing up. He then went off along with the other workers for his meal.";
 invar = "Small string";
 invar = " ";


data outds_row;
 set inds;
 obs_seq = _n_;
 length outvar $200;
 sub_invar = invar;
 itrno = 0;
 do until (sub_invar = " ");
  dlmpos = 199 - lengthn(scan(reverse(substrn(sub_invar, 1, 200)), 1, " "));
  outvar = strip(substrn(sub_invar, 1, dlmpos));
  sub_invar = strip(substrn(sub_invar, dlmpos + 1));
  itrno + 1;
 drop sub_invar dlmpos;


proc sort data = outds_row;
 by obs_seq itrno;


proc transpose data = outds_row out = outds_col prefix = outvar;
 by obs_seq;
 id itrno;
 var outvar;

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