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Fluorite | Level 6

Hello all,


Please see my example syntax below.  In the case below, my quadratic and interaction terms are not signficant, but my linear terms are (for A and AM, the two variables compared on the response surface).  As such, I am interpretting only the linear terms.  I would like to plot a response surface using only the linear terms (i.e. an entirely flat 3-D surface).  I can do this in other software using a 3D function plot.  Is there a way to do this within PROC RSREG?  If not, what is the best way to plot the linear 3-D response surface in SAS?


Many thanks!


ods graphics on;
	title "M & Job Sat & A";
		proc rsreg data=pt8
			plots=(surface(3d rotate=-33 fill=pred));
			model jobSat= jz lnWg iq I IM R RM S SM E EM C CM A AM /lackfit /covar=13 ; where sex=0;
ods graphics off;

By experimentation, it looks like RSREG needs at least two quadratic terms to plot a surface. It looks like you have 15 covariates, and you are using COVAR=13 to set the first 13 to linear. Therefore I would have guessed that the surface would appear.


An example in the RSREG doc shows how to construct scoring data by using the missing value trick.

Then use the OUT= and PREDICT options to write the predicted values to a SAS data set on a uniform grid of points.You can then construct a surface plot by following the steps on my blog.


If you want to visualize linear surface (or even a quadratic on), I recommend using a contour plot instead. It will be much easier to estimate the height of the surface if you can see the contours .

Fluorite | Level 6

Hi @Rick_SAS


You need at least two variables not set as covariates to get a plot (i.e. in my case, setting covariates to 15 will not plot anything at all).  Unfortunately, rsreg ONLY produces a quadratic plot(s) with the two (or more) variables you don't set as covariates (the final variables in the list)--it will not plot a surface using the linear results of the two terms as I desire.


To help visualize, I've attached the resreg quadratic output ("rsreg.png") and the corresponding linear plot (using SYSTAT; "systat.png").  I'd like to be able to make the linear plot in SAS as well.  Additional thoughts on how to accomplish this?




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