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How to check if a location(latitude, longitude) in a map area(district/city/province)?


Have mapsgfk.china


input (lat, long)


want city name


Since proc gmap choro illustrates the map with color pretty nice, I guess there's a way to check if a point is in that color set, which refers to an area.


Thanks in advance! 

Super User

Easy : check if a point is inside map region (district/province/whatever) when you have a point coordinates in the same coordinate system the map uses and the boundaries of the area are in the map: Proc Ginside.


Since that map set you reference does not have anything I recognize as a city then it doesn't really help much if that is what you want.


If you have a source of city point coordinates you might investigate find the minimum distance to cities using the GEODIST function. This topic has also been discussed on the forum a few times.




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