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Fluorite | Level 6

Dear all,

I have a S-plus code that accompanies the publication in a journal.

Is there a way to use it in SAS/IML?


I'm not familiar with the S-plus language and this code is really important.




S-Plus is similar to R, and R is similar to IML, so theoretically it is possible.  How easy or difficult it will be for you depends on your familiarity with both languages. Since you are not familiar with S-Plus, a line-by-line conversion to IML might prove formidable.  You might want to read my article on Translating a MATLAB program into the SAS/IML language: A case study - The DO Loop because many of the ideas will apply to converting from S-Plus.

If the program is small (less than 30 lines), someone on the forum might offer to help. If the program is hundreds or thousands of lines long, it probably makes more sense to describe what you are trying to accomplish. Someone might already know how to perform that computation in SAS.

Fluorite | Level 6

Thanks Rick,

You have a chapter in your book about calling functions in the R language,

so I thought maybe there is an easy way for the SAS/IML and S-plus to 'talk' with each other.

Well, unfortunately the code in S_plus is really long..

But your article helped and first I'm going to prepare " S-plus to SAS/IML cheat sheet".

If you or anyone else have more tips I'll really appreciate that.

Thank you,


Super User

You may want to consider converting it to R and then calling it from SAS instead.

Still a bit of work, but a lot of R coders around to help as well.

Barite | Level 11

S is as language the predecessor of the R language. It has been bought by TIBCO and than everybody moved away from it.

It is leaving you to a not to avoiding conversion issue. Very common as version commonly change often by the years.

As it that old, your journal must be old also,  it is possible also superceded by new approach. Even the solution may be present somewhere in SAS. 

---->-- ja karman --<-----
Fluorite | Level 6

Thank you all!

Well, the paper is from 2005 and the code (S-plus) just has been used in a paper from 2014.

but, It's not a common procedure...

Great community, thanks again,




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