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Hi all,


I am having trouble setting a relative path in Unix environment. 



I have uploaded the path. 

There are datasets that need to be read from this path into a macro. 


The purpose behind the macro is date imputation in a adam dataset.  

Please give me viable solution to this problem!

Super User

Recommendation: Do not use relative paths as you may not be executing where you think you are. I always start all paths with a drive identifier (running windows), or a UNC path including the server and mount point.


What code did you actually submit? That would likely be either a Filename or possibly and Infile statement.


If you try to use !sasroot you are almost always going to encounter a problem with either missing folders or permissions not allowed to write there, especially in a server environment. If you used an environment variable then that variable really needs to include a mount point or such.


BTW, datasets almost never should be "read into a macro". Possibly "read by a macro".


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