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Hyperautomation With SAS® Decisioning and Microsoft Power Automate

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Jeremy Chen, SAS; Alex Ge, SAS; Bart Vierbergen, SAS


The deployment of analytics doesn’t end when a score is calculated. The last step is putting the score in an appropriate business context and delivering the decision with consumable information in real time. For example, a computer vision model could give us the probability of a picture posted in social media being a pair of jeans. However, the information could be used in different ways based on the business context.


How do you create a business context around the analytics and make the analytics easy to consume by applications developers? The answer is decisioning. Decisioning combines models, business rules, reference lookup and other logic blocks into a decision flow that is exposed as a midtier service for applications to consume.


With the newly added SAS Decisioning connector for the Microsoft Power Platform, customers can now develop world-class decision services in SAS. This session gives a quick overview of the Microsoft Power Platform products, including Power Automate and Power Apps. There will be a demo that illustrates how SAS analytics are consumed through decisions in a mobile app built with Power Apps. We will also walk you through the steps to configure the SAS Decisioning connector for the Power Platform, and the container-based deployment approaches for SAS decisions and analytics.

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Watch Hyperautomation With SAS® Decisioning and Microsoft Power Automate on the SAS Users YouTube channel.


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