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Hello SAS Global Forum enthusiasts!


We are happy to announce that the SAS Global Forum proceedings for 2021 are now available in their new home...right here on SAS Communities!  


Most of the entries contain video presentations by the author(s).  These will premier on May 20th.  For now you can read the content, view the code, and add Likes to the presentations that may be your favorites.  Hundreds of authors worked to bring some fantastic and interesting topics to the SAS Users community, and we are grateful for that!


Be sure to register for the conference if you haven't already, and log in to build your agenda and make a plan for the coming days to get the most from your experience.  You can even stop by the virtual photo booth and leave your mark.


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Meteorite | Level 14

WOW! 😎


What a collection of resources and thanks to the contributors putting in the effort to write the content and collate it all here. This is fabulous - thanks @ChrisHemedinger andteam!


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Available on demand!

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Register now!

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