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Hello SAS Global Forum presenters and attendees,


After a successful go at this last year, we're once again offering a GitHub location for presenters to share code and other materials that accompany their conference presentations.  In 2019 over 60 presenters shared their SAS-related code in the GitHub repository for SAS Global Forum 2019.


So for 2020, we have once again created a special place on GitHub where you can share any and all of your supporting materials.  Check it out here:


This step is completely optional for presenters.  But, if you take the time to add your content, you'll be helping to preserve and share the great contributions that make up the SAS Global Forum takeaways.


In the next couple of weeks, we will seed the repository with folders and README files for most of the accepted papers.  Simply fork the repository, find your folder, add your content, and use a pull request to merge your additions with the repo.


We learned a few things from last year.  First, we're trying a different folder structure that should make it easier to navigate the repository content.  And if you're already an enlisted presenter at the conference (or if you're a SAS employee), you do not need to complete a separate contribution agreement for this GitHub repo.


If you're new to this and you want to watch me walk through a simple change/contribution, here's a video (about 11 minutes):



If you're new to GitHub and its unusual lingo/protocols, we're happy to help.  Community member @christopher_j_blake, as well as me or @joeFurbee on my team, can lead you through the process or even add materials for you.  Just PM any of us on the community, or reply here.


See also:

Community Manager

The GitHub repo is open for business


I've seeded the project with 460 folders and README files to accept your code and materials.  Visit the repo and find the folder with your name on it.  Fork the repository to your own account, add your content, and submit a pull request to merge it in! 


And of course, I created these folders/README files by using SAS to automate it.


If somehow I've missed your presentation, let me know or you can simply add it yourself (fork, add, pull request).

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10
Will the folders which don't contain any content, say like a month after the forum has ended, be removed? Would make browsing a bit easier maybe
Community Manager

Yes @Criptic . That's my plan.  I'll also include an index in the README for easier navigation.



Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi Chris


I am willing to put my code on GitHub, but am completely new to it and have no idea how to do it.


You said that you could do it for us, which would be great.  Should I send it to you? If so, at what e-mail?





Community Manager

Hi @plf515 - I just posted a video in the original topic that shows a walkthrough.  If you're interested in learning, that might help.  If you would rather we add these for you (we are happy to!), send your contributions to (with descriptions) and we'll add them.

Calcite | Level 5

Great info.  


Thanks, Chris

Fluorite | Level 6

Excellent! Thank you Chris.

SAS Employee

This is great, Chris, I have been developing my content internally on SAS' private GitLab and I was curious what the recommended process was to get my content on GitHub.  I just forked the repo and will be adding my content and submitting the pull-req (PR) after a few more edits to the content.

SAS Employee

Oh and I guess I should add a shameless (helpfully not shameful Man Frustrated) plug for my paper ... 10 mins to your first hello work using our SAS Viya APIs ... ... content forthcoming Robot Very Happy

SAS Employee

Hi @ChrisHemedinger,


Thanks for organizing this again this year. I thought I'd post my question here in case it's helpful to others.


Is it fine if I also upload supporting code and materials for my super demos?  For example, for my super demo titled "Image Classification Using SAS®," I was thinking that I could create a new folder superDemos/SD403-2020-Gaines to be consistent with the naming scheme for the papers.  


If not, that's fine, but it would be nice if I could share the code that I will be presenting in one of my demos.  I just wanted to check before taking the time to organize those materials.







Community Manager

Hi @BrianGaines,

Yes, this is do-able. Feel free to fork the repo, make your addition and create a PR. I can merge it. If you need assistance with any of the steps, let me know.




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SAS Employee

That sounds great, thanks a lot, @joeFurbee!



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