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Obsidian | Level 7

I started reading the conference posters really at SAS Global Forum 2013 in San Francisco.  I liked the complete presentation of experiments I read and SAS techniques and multimedia. It was easy to study these at my own pace. The next year in 2014 in Washington my paper submissions became e-posters.


In one paper meant to show automatic writing of software with SAS, I used SAS to write software code for the music typewriting software Lilypond. Music has many repetitive patterns in this case I looped in SAS through all the 12 keys of music writing musical sequences. I decided to include the music files in the e-poster. It worked although the volume was difficult in the noisy presentation area.


E-posters work well for software presentation or code displays. My music paper had a few pages of code as did my other e-poster that year. A path in the e-posters Powerpoint slides would present each section of code on its own.


This year I hope to present the PERL functions one can use in SAS. I will probably have a series of slides to display an example of each PERL function. I really enjoy feedback on my e-posters from conference attendees. I hope you can come by and read my e-poster this year  and let me know how I did presenting PERL in SAS.


You can read my posters and papers on this link 

Peter"s Papers and Presentations at SAS Global Forums

Meteorite | Level 14

Thanks for sharing Peter your story and background with e-posters... Sounds like you are embracing the "e" aspect out of the poster too with your music e-poster.


And the e-posters are all on display in The Quad right? Does that mean you come by every now and then and answer questions people may have too?

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Obsidian | Level 7

Yes!  The ePosters are on display in the Quad all day on Tuesday and Wednesday when the Quad is open.  Attendees can puruse the ePosters at their convenience.  As well we have times where you can Meet the ePoster Presenters and learn more about their topic on Wednesday morning and afternoon.  Times when you can meet with a specific ePoster presenter will be available in March.  



Fluorite | Level 6


congratulations ...


very interesting the proposal of the statement of PEARL !!


Waiting slides






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