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Meteorite | Level 14

In the past I've donated a collection of Australian children's book at the drive and I wasn't sure whether it was on this year. I just saw it was on the agenda and wanted to encourage those that are attending SASGF to bring a book or to donate some money for this charitable cause.


Here's a blog post Dr Tyler Smith wrote about the children's book drive for last years SAS Global Forum


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I'm assuming they take money instead? Luggage restrictions are a pain these days 😉

Obsidian | Level 7
@MichelleHomes – Ha!  You were looking at the 2015 Conference Agenda and not the 2016 Conference Agenda.  
For 2016, we have a couple of different ways to give back to Las Vegas rather than running the book drive throughout the conference.  The first opportunity was through #GivingTuesday, back in December, where anyone who registered during that time received a discounted registration rate.  The conference then donated the difference between the full registration rate and the discounted rate toward the purchase of STEM related books, toys, and games that will be used to fill the Red Wagons we are building during the Charity Event on Monday evening.  
The second way we are giving back to the Las Vegas community is by allowing individuals to select a project of their choice through the SAS Global Forum Donor’s Choose page.  All funds are donated on-line so that you don’t have to carry books in your luggage and can donate to the project of your choice.  There are several projects to choose from, they are educational, and there are projects for elementary, middle, or high school grades.
I would encourage everyone to find a project they would like to support.  
Meteorite | Level 14

Thanks @jwaller for your prompt reply... My mistake. Smiley Sad Glad I checked as I was going to buy some books this weekend to bring.


Thanks for sharing the Donors Choose page, here's the link in case anyone is after it.



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