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Calcite | Level 5
I apologize that this isn't a programming question per se, but this was the best community of experts that I can think of to ask my question.

A Businessweek article ( claimed "confidence climbs more than forecast." Does anyone know where I can obtain forecasts of consumer confidence? I haven't been able to find any in my Google searches.

I am also trying to locate governmental forecasts of other economic indicators. I have found some at, but I'd prefer forecasts from government agencies if they are available. I've searched,,, & to name a few, to no avail. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place?

Thank you so much!
Calcite | Level 5
I believe this kind of indicator is much more a consensus of market than a forecast model.
Did you try in Bloomberg broadcast?
Calcite | Level 5
I would like to use economic indicators as independent variables in my forecasting model, so whether they are produced by models or consensus is not important to me. Others have suggested Bloomberg and Reuters, but I've come up empty. Do you have a specific link that you could direct me to? Thanks!
Calcite | Level 5
For Bloomberg you may have a especific computer system (Boomberg Terminal) to access the information.
Fluorite | Level 6
Historical data at
6 month forecasts at

If you work in a company, your company can purchase forecasts for a lot more economic indicators/variables from firms that deal in these kind of services like Global Insight (

Hope this helps.




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