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Calcite | Level 5 KZ1
Calcite | Level 5

is there any proc statement in SAS that enables to use STL (like in R).

I found a source code for STL function in R but unfortunately I am not able to implement this solution in SAS.


Here are links to the source code

and the article


Thank you in advance for your help

Diamond | Level 26

I am not familiar with STL, but of course SAS does have PROC LOESS that might be able to do this.


PROC ARIMA can fit seasonal time series, see

Paige Miller
SAS Employee

As far as I can tell, PROC LOESS by itself might not give you the decomposition you want (it could be used recursively to within the overall algorithm).  PROC ARIMA also is not directly useful for this.  You can use PROC UCM (both ARIMA and UCM are in SAS/ETS) to get such a decomposition.  See the getting started example in the UCM doc:


Also see: for general info on UCM modeling. for how to adjust for outlier...




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