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Five Reasons to Swipe Right on PROC FCMP

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PROC FCMP (aka, the SAS® function compiler) empowers SAS practitioners to build their own user-defined functions and subroutines, which are reusable software modules that containerize discrete functionality and extend the Base SAS programming language. This session, taught by the author of the 2023 SAS Press PROC FCMP book, explored five problem sets that user-defined functions can solve. Learn how to hide a hash object (and its complexity) inside a function, how to design a format (or informat) that calls a function and how to run a DATA step (or SAS procedure) inside a DATA step using RUN_MACRO! Software quality characteristics will also be showcased, including modularity, flexibility, configurability, reusability and maintainability, which are improved through the design and implementation of PROC FCMP user-defined functions.


Presentation slides are attached to this post.

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