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Event-Based Intelligent Decisioning

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Companies need to respond to events in the digital world quickly to draw value out of their investments. The sources these events are coming from are also on the rise, with more and more solutions and processes becoming digitalized. Examples include clicks and user journeys through a web app or website, like loan and credit applications, interactions in CRM tools and IoT sensors in manufacturing or environmental tracking. Many situations require an immediate response, including providing a contextual and customized offer, detecting fraud, responding to defective machinery in the production line, a customer complaint or a natural disaster. With a combination of SAS® Event Stream Processing and SAS Intelligent Decisioning, avoid delays in decision making and take action in the moment. This approach takes advantage of the high-throughput, low-latency capabilities of SAS Event Stream Processing to read streaming data, filter events of interest or identify anomalies and then pass that information to SAS Intelligent Decisioning for real-time decisions based on business rules and sophisticated analytics at scale, which can be consumed from a multitude of applications. The two products can directly integrate through a native REST API-based adapter and, coming soon, through Kafka topics. This presentation discusses the power of SAS Event Stream Processing and SAS Intelligent Decisioning using scenarios from banking and marketing.


Presentation slides are attached to this post.

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