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Quartz | Level 8


Please can anyone help me how to find the below information for the SAS Envrionment which I need to fill SAS Questionnaire for SAS version upgrade.(Using sas 9.2 on Solaris)

I really appreciate all your advice and suggestions.

Approximate Peak Times Utilization:

How many concurrent SAS jobs are being executed  
What is the typical/maximum number of concurrent sessions executing around peak time   

System-wide Totals / Information:

(Totals for system-wide resources – all responses are required)

*Total concurrent sessions     

If Stored Processes (STP) will be used by Microsoft Office sessions and/or Portal users, describe the type of activity performed by the STP (eg, analytics, summary statistics, report/graph generation, etc) Describe Stored Processes

Prime Time workloads:

Session Type                                                                                                          Concurrent Sessions                                                                                                Average Input Data Volume per Session (specify MB/GB )
DI Studio 
Base SAS related to data preparation / ETL 
Basic Statistics 
Advanced Analytics 
Enterprise Miner and Rapid Predictive Modeler 
BI/EBI  (web-based and/or Microsoft Office Add-in) 

SAS BI/EBI(BI or EBI sessions):

Session Type                                                                                                          *Concurrent Sessions                                                                                           *Average Input  Data Volume per Session(specify MB / GB)
STP/IMS/WRS ad hoc programmers
(content creation sessions via the above tools) 

Web Based Structured  Query (dynamic)
(Web Report Studio reports generated ‘on demand,’ parameter driven queries, Information Map-based queries etc) 

Web Based Structured  Query (static)
(Pre-generated/Scheduled Web Report Studio reports, pure HTML reports with no processing requirements, etc) 

Portal Access active sessions
(logged into the Information Delivery Portal pages) 

Dashboard or Stored Process use via Portal 

MS Office Add-in using Stored Process sessions 

SAS Enterprise Miner:(SAS Enterprise Miner (EM) and Rapid Predictive Modeler (RPM))

How many sessions will be executing concurrently    

What is the size (in GB) of the input data table      

How many concurrent sessions will be doing ad-hoc EM project development   
How many concurrent sessions will be running completed projects   

Barite | Level 11

Know your business. That is what these questions are about.  From that one plan the needed hardware and then build the OS and the tools. (bottom up)

Moslty it is done the other way arround. A lot of frustrations when all does not run as being promised and expected. The swing tree project cartoon.

---->-- ja karman --<-----


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