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I have this error popping up for many of my programs:


When I try to go to the log to turn it off or clear the log, it says that the file is too large to open in SAS EG and will open the log in a text file. So I can't even get to the log tab to hit clear or off. Is there a work around in the options or somewhere else so I can clear the log?


If it matters, I usually start right from a library and create EG queries. I'm not an old school programmer.


Thank you,


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What is being piped to the log that is taking up so much space?
You can also try the NONOTES option to have only errors go the log and/or you can pipe the log directly to a text file using PROC PRINTTO as starting options.
Fluorite | Level 6

My guess is since these are reports I rerun daily or weekly, and the log is accumulating data. I only started getting this error for my weekly report today, but have been getting the error for a daily report for awhile now.


I'm glad there is an option to get rid of some of the log. Is the options in the code itself or can I do it from the options menu:


The weekly report I am using pulls from two sas files from a library, and I manipulate in a EG query, so I'm not sure where I would put code in to clear the log.


Thanks for your quick response! These things can be so frustrating 🙂

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Your log should be cleared at the end of each session. Are there many errors in the log? You should run this in batch or at least restart EG regularly.

I don't know if the option is in the menu or just via code. There's an place in EG to add code to run at the start of the project so you could add it there or as a program node.

option nonotes;

I am assuming that your log isn't full of errors, if it is, this will not do anything as the errors will still print.

Turning off the project log is one option. If you are running programs on a regular basis you should consider scheduling them as batch jobs outside of EG.

Fluorite | Level 6

I would turn the project log off, but that's the problem. Every time I click on project log it says the log is too big and won't take me to the project log tab. It's full even when I first open up the program.

Fluorite | Level 6
Thank you so much! This did the trick!

File --> Project Properties --> Project Log --> Clear Log & uncheck Project Log


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