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Calcite | Level 5
I have been requested to setup an install of the various products of SAS 9.2 we have licensed for our Company.


During the process of running the setup.exe I come to a screen that presents a number of different products to choose from. "Select Products to choose from" Some of the choices are (This is not the full list)

SAS Deployment Tested
SAS Drivers for ODBC

I realize that this is very subjective as to which products to chose yet I have no understanding as to what the various products provide.

There is a button to choose further info yet it only brings me to a site that tells me what their pre-requisites are needed to insatll this component.

I am at my wits end and could really use some help.

Thank-you .....
Calcite | Level 5 Jay
Calcite | Level 5
Call tech support and they can help walk you through it as well as explain what you are installing.
Calcite | Level 5

With all due respects I have spoken to SAS Support and was presented with the following.

Unfortunately, we do not have a resource that will tell you what each individual product is. Most of them should be listed in the following two links, but some may not:

The items that are selected by default when you are doing an installation are selected based on the software you are licensed for. So, everything you will need to install from your license will be selected. Typically, customers will just keep the defaults and continue through the installation.

The Index above points me to a listing of the various components yet I need to know which is needed for each product.

Thank-you for your reply
Rhodochrosite | Level 12
The "key" word in Jay's comment is "call." This is the sort of question that can be very frustrating for both the user and tech support when posed using the web interface.

You can ask more specific questions on the phone and they can probe.

Our installation lists about 60 items. You pretty much need to be a SAS Guru to know what they all mean at the front end.

"SAS Deployment Tester" is a script to test your SAS deployment.
"SAS Drivers for ODBC" are ODBC drivers that allow other programs to access SAS datasets using the ODBC protocol. Message was edited by: Doc@Duke

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