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Obsidian | Level 7

Its a LASR Table, but the real root of the data are from a DBMS. By the way. With regards to your Maxim 3. I want to take jus the last quarter if that quarter occurs more then once in a type. How can I achieve that?

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So something converts the DBMS data to a LASR table. This is the process that needs to be looked at.

Do you have a direct connection to the DBMS via SAS/ACCESS, or do you read an unload from the DB into SAS?

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To retrieve the last entry for a quarter, sort by type, quarter and an optional item (e.g. date), then do

data compressed / view=compressed;
set have;
by type quarter;
if last.quarter;

Since the view will be executed while the data is processed, it won't eat unnecessary disk space.

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data have;
infile datalines truncover;
input type $ quarter :yymmn6. phase $;
format quarter yymmn6.;
K-11     202001    1
K-11     202101    2
K-11     202003           
K-12     202101    3
K-12     202102           
K-12     202002    1
K-13     202002    2
K-13     202103    3
K-13     202104    2
proc transpose data=have out=want ;
by type;
var phase;
id quarter;
idlabel quarter;
Obsidian | Level 7
I received the same output I received when I ran @Kurt_Bremser's transpose snippet

ERROR: The ID value "K-11" occurs twice in the same BY group.
ERROR: Too many bad BY groups.
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You must have data like this :

K-11     202001    1
K-11     202101    2
K-11 202101 22 K-11 202003 K-12 202101 3 K-12 202102 K-12 202002 1 K-13 202002 2 K-13 202103 3 K-13 202104 2

 You need figure out what output you want to see for this data.

Obsidian | Level 7
@Ksharp. Read my new post under @Kurt_Bremser's last post. I've posted a new dataset.


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