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Calcite | Level 5

We are trying to write a custom style template to code all of our shewhart, report, gchart, gplot output to a reasonably standard look and feel.  We have working proc template code that works on the PC of the programmer developing it.  She is able to write out .css and .sas7bitm to a network folder.

However, I do not seem to be able to use the style either through EG style manager or through an ODS path statement.

Through EG style manager.

  • I've pasted the .css to my local EG \styles folder and it shows up in the list of built-in styles.
  • That style is now my default style
  • I'm seeing the following in my log

12 ODS tagsets.sasreport12(ID=EGSR) FILE=EGSR STYLE=AMODefault

12 ! STYLESHEET=(URL="file:///C:/Program%20Files/SAS/EnterpriseGuide/4.3/Styles/AMODefault.css") NOGTITLE NOGFOOTNOTE

12 ! GPATH=&sasworklocation ENCODING=UTF8 options(rolap="on");

WARNING: Style AMODEFAULT not found; Default style will be used instead.


We are trying to write out to .png (for graphics) and to .pdf or .rtf for tables.  All are then pasted into a PPT doc.

Super User

This isn't the best way to do this, but would probably work.

Go to SAS EG Style Editor and pick any style and create a copy, name that copy AMODefault or what you want it to be called. Note where you're instance of SAS is saving the file to.

Navigate to that location and replace the code in that copy with the CSS code you have.

Let me know if it works.

Calcite | Level 5

I copied money and named it as dev_BestCareFY12.css. Even before replacing with my .css file, I tried to run my code and got the same warning below.

Copying my .css to that filename and location was no better.

I'm wondering if the full URL is part of the problem...


12 ODS tagsets.sasreport12(ID=EGSR) FILE=EGSR STYLE=dev_BestCareFY12

12 ! STYLESHEET=(URL="file://myserver/sasresources/styles/output/dev/dev_BestCareFY12.css") NOGTITLE NOGFOOTNOTE

12 ! GPATH=&sasworklocation ENCODING=UTF8 options(rolap="on");

WARNING: Style DEV_BESTCAREFY12 not found; Default style will be used instead.


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Sorry, I didn't look fully at the code.Your best bet is talking to the person who created it.

It looks like she created a unique tagset implementation, not a CSS style otherwise you could state cssstyle=..



  I believe you have several possible issues:

1) you said that the CSS file and the style template in a SAS7BITM item store were written to a "network" folder. Unless this network folder is accessible to the server where SAS is executing, your style template will not be found.

2) generally, with EG, you need an ODS PATH PREPEND in order to put YOUR item store in the template search path BEFORE the default EG template store is found. This Tech Support note talks about an updated template that uses an image. Even if your template does not use an image, the ODS PATH statement you need will be similar to the one shown in the note: or this one . By default, EG adds its own template store to the two default template stores (SASHELP.TMPLMST and SASUSER.TEMPLAT). So you really need to work on making sure that YOUR item store is accessible on the server (#1) and that you have the appropriate ODS PATH statement.

Then, you're not done yet. IF you are running in the context of the SAS Platform for Business Analytics, also known as the BI Platform, and running stored processes, you will need to make sure that the item store is accessible to the Workspace Server and/or Stored Process Server and/or SAS Web Report Studio. Under this scenario, you might want to work with Tech Support to be sure that your item store and CSS file are stored and referenced appropriately.



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