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Calcite | Level 5

When I import the Scorecard node into the diagram, it told me this:

Does anyone know how to solve this? I've looked everywhere I can and this is my last hope...


Thank you guys!


Since you haven't got a reply yet I thought I'd at least try. You should have posted this in the Data Mining forum for a better response.

I'm not so familiar with EM but I know Credit Scoring is an extra licensed add-on to EM. Check to see if this installed by using EM Help About.

I'd also open a Tech Support track as this could also be an install problem. Has this ever worked or are you just trying it for the first time?

Calcite | Level 5

It is actually my first time install...

I think your answer is great, I will check with my campus rep to see if the license they gave me include a credit scoring node, so thank you in advance!

I might get back at this issue later to see if I obtain a solution.

Barite | Level 11

Ok it is the time install. Did you check all Eminer components being installed correctly?

- Your eminer front end is a java-client. It should have got all the needed java classes.

- The Eminer client is communicating with the midtier. It runs many java-classes as part in the area java applets must be all deployed (classes)

- The midtier is communicating with the metadata-server. The metdata database must have got all defnitions (classes)

- the Software must also be available as part of the WS (Base/Foundation).

The first question should be which part is generating your error.  It is saying the "server", most likely a pointer at he midtier / metadata

Class not registered  That can be anything like:

-   (32/64 bit causing missing the drivers)

- 15018 - "Could not login to Enterprise Miner. Contact your administrator for the correct user name a...  See the second referring to check your logs.

- 14569 - The DTJ_CLASSPATH environment variable must be set correctly in order for SAS® Enterprise Mi... (it the config base missing the java)

---->-- ja karman --<-----
Calcite | Level 5

My SAS is not licensed for credit scoring.. But is that the cause of the problem? How to check if my computer has installed the add-on for credit scoring or not?

Thank you!


From the EM main menu, go Help About and you should get something like this:


Obsidian | Level 7



Did this issue resolved?? Could you share SID file ?  I need to try this credit score node as well.




Barite | Level 11

Your Eminer is showing a "credit scoring" menu. It is a java client and can be copied to anywhere not connecting to the original associated server.
To check what you have ask the guy that did installations and has the SID file, it is mentioned there. Running a proc setinit and a product status in you code node could also give some info of the server side.

---->-- ja karman --<-----
Calcite | Level 5

Since you saw the Credit Scoring tab, this is a good indication that SAS Credit Scoring 13.2 has been installed and licensed.  Let me go back to your original diagram.  I saw the Interactive Grouping Node (IGN) but I do not see your Scorecard node.  You need to connect a Scorecard node (the right node from right in Credit Scoring tab) after the IGN node.  Next is to specify roles of the variables and analysis specifications.  I hope this helps you get forward.

Obsidian | Level 7



Tell me, please, have you solved this problem?

We encountered the same error.


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